Vietnam ranks seventh in the world in terms of Facebook users

Currently, Vietnam has about 64 million people participate in the largest social network in the world each month.

Facebook counts the number of users based on the number of active users accessing the social network account through the website or mobile application in the month (active user) and excludes those who use Instagram or Whatsapp.

According to the Facebook statement and aggregated by We Are Social, by July 2017, the number of users in Vietnam reached 64 million, representing 3% of the total of two billion Facebook members.

Meanwhile, in January 1977, Vietnam had 45 million Facebook users and ranked 9th globally. Ho Chi Minh City is among the top ten cities with the largest number of visitors, up from 9.7 million members at the beginning of the year to 14 million in July.

Vietnam has overtaken Turkey and Thailand in the latest Facebook user rankings.

Only six months later, the number of Facebook users in Vietnam has increased by 18 million.

India has also become the world’s largest access user of Facebook, with 241 million users, surpassing US $ 240 million, thanks to the growth of the low-cost smartphone market, which has led to more people accessing the Internet and social networks. .

The other four countries in the top seven were Brazil (139 million), Indonesia (126 million), Mexico (85 million) and the Philippines (69 million).

By the end of June, Facebook declared its 2 billion member mark – larger than any other nation’s population, as well as larger than six of the seven continents in the world. This achievement helped Facebook outstrip rivals, such as Twitter’s 328 million active members in April 2017, while Snapchat’s 166 million users counted through the first quarter of 2017.

WeChat, a very popular platform in China, said in May 2017 that it had 938 million users, or about to reach the 1 billion member mark. Facebook reached this milestone in October 2012.

The world’s largest social network was built by Mark Zuckerberg and his two classmates at the Harvard University Dormitory in February 2004. The purpose of the website was to become “an online catalog that connects people through social networks in universities.” It now attracts more than a quarter of the 7.5 billion people globally.