An agreement with borrowers is reflected as a contract (between borrower and MOFIN) based on the MOFIN’s P2P lending service and technology, which help the Borrowers connect directly with the Lenders.

The Borrowers must be over the age of 18.

The Borrowers, who demand MOFIN’s service, need to read carefully and agree with all terms in this agreement before using MOFIN. If not, the Borrowers should not download, register and use MOFIN’s application or website. When the Borrowers download, register and use MOFIN’s application or website, it simply means the Borrowers have voluntarily agreed to all terms in this agreement.

This agreement includes the following terms:

    • Borrowers

The clients, who download, register and use MOFIN’s application and website, is the Borrowers in this agreement. The Borrowers will use personal information (including social networks, social relationships: friends and relatives), personal credibility as a form of trust.


The clients, who need to borrow money, will register with MOFIN. MOFIN will create the Borrower’s loan profile and rate the credit score for this.

MOFIN will connect directly this loan profile to the Investors through its platform.

The VND currency is traded on MOFIN’s platform.

  • Lenders

Lenders can access the Borrowers’ loan profiles through MOFIN’s platform, and then the Lenders decide whether or not lend these Borrowers a certain amount of money.

  1. Loans

MOFIN concentrates on 2 main kinds of client: Employees and students.

Maximum limit for students’ loan is 3.000.000 VND and for Employee’s loan is 5.000.000VND.

The Borrowers just need 5 basic conditions: ID card/ passport, and student ID card (for rating credit score), mobile phone with MOFIN’s application, Facebook account to login application, ZALO account and ATM card (to receive 24/7 instant transfer).

There is no interest for any MOFIN’s loan.

MOFIN applies the Consultant Fee (CF) to connect the Borrowers with the Lenders. Currently the CF for students is 300.000VND and for employees is 500.000VND.

Each loan is only extended once and up to a maximum of 10 days, the renewal fee for employees is 500,000 VND and Student is 300,000 VND. The loan extension will be applied for each successful loan extension (hereinafter referred to as extension fee – EF).

In order to ensure the interests of the investor disbursed, MOFIN applies a one-time Closing fee for non-renewable loans or after a 10-day extension of VND 800,000 per employee loan and 500,000 VND per student loan (hereinafter referred to as closing fee – CF).

    • MOFIN

MOFIN is responsible to explain clearly and fully with the Borrowers about involved fees: CF, EF and CF (if occurred)

Instructing the Borrowers to make transaction and repay the debt properly and on time.

Do not require the customer to pay any additional fee rather than the above fees.

MOFIN only undertake the role of analyzing data, advising clients on the payment of fees and loans to investors, issues arising out of disputes MOFIN will commit to assist the parties to resolve Related issues.

At any time MOFIN may refuse to provide services to its customers.

In case the borrower does not repay or evade, MOFIN has the right to act on behalf of the lender to transfer information to a third party to recover the loand. In addition, MOFIN will disclose information about customers and loans on social media, inform friends, relatives…

  • Borrowers

The borrowers have to provide clear, accurate, truthful information to MOFIN and take responsibility before law for such information. If there is any change, the customer is responsible for informing MOFIN immediately.

The customer is responsible for full repayment of the loan and related fees.

Customers are responsible before law for the use of the loan.

Agree to all penalties, all measures to recover MOFIN’s loans if Customer fails to fulfill its obligations with MOFIN and the lender.

Commit to confidentiality, respect for copyrights, and compliance with all provisions of this MOFIN agreement.


If there is any dispute between the borrower and MOFIN, please first contact the Customer Support Center of MOFIN in one of the following ways:

  1. Call the hotline: 1900636390
  2. Send Email to:
  3. Chat with support staff through MOFIN’s contact center: